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The birth of passion. The birth of eternity. Taja Marble was established in the early 2015 after 40 years experience in family business.

Taja Marble was born. A company then, at present has become one of the most respected brand in the country. Thanks to its commitment to ideals that put customers before profits, credibility before business and a truly motivated team.

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A volcanic eruption of the lava from the cracks on the earth as a result of a period of time to cool and solidify together with basalt occurs. fine grained, hard, durable, dense and dark magmatic rocks. Due to its homogeneous structure, it has become a natural stone which is especially preferred for laying stones and trenches.




Due to its resistance to abrasion and hard climatic conditions, it is one of the most commonly used natural stones.
These natural stones have high wear resistance, high chemical resistance and high strength resistance, as well as very fine skin; basalt cube stone, basalt plaque stone, basalt rain gutter, basalt border, basalt blasting stone.



Especially in order to prevent our buildings from being damaged due to rain and mains water, the gutter stones arranged after the border stones are; these are the tools that provide the water to reach the determined point.

With its simple design and useful structure, this product eliminates the water accumulation and the disadvantages it may cause. Rainfall in the places where groove stone is used does not cause accumulation or splashes; so these places are always dry and can continue their service without disruption.

On the pavement: In order to prevent the rain water flowing to the road and damage to the structures and vehicles, the channel is made from the groove stones in the middle of the pavement.

On the road: Generally on the hardwood roads, sometimes on the roads of the asphalt roads and the road to the lower and superstructure elements

Basalt Cube Stone

Basalt cubic stone is highly preferred for decoration. Different sizes are cut and the most suitable options are prepared for different areas. The color options are generally either dark gray or black. According to the density of minerals contained in the green on a green appearance may appear.

The reason for decorating the interior and exterior facades of houses is that they do not cause distortion due to hot or cold. Since it has a spontaneous natural color, its paint does not flow and can be used without any problems for a long time. It also has a waterproof feature and is therefore preferred in many areas.

Basalt cubes are dark colored. For this reason, granite cube stone is more preferred because of the appearance of the aesthetic appearance of the stone can be used on their own. It is widely used both in the interior and exterior of the houses and in all stages of architectural structures, in the lower and upper structure, in floor and facade claddings, on urban roads, on sidewalks and in garden arrangements.

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