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The birth of passion. The birth of eternity. Taja Marble was established in the early 2015 after 40 years experience in family business.

Taja Marble was born. A company then, at present has become one of the most respected brand in the country. Thanks to its commitment to ideals that put customers before profits, credibility before business and a truly motivated team.

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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:00 Camikebir Mah. Atatürk Cad.No:7 Kat:2 Daire:211 Seferihisar / İzmir - Turkey +90 850 304 40 42 +90 501 207 93 03 ( Whatsapp )


Nature has always been a source of inspiration for man’s customized living spaces. Creating micro-ecosystems by processing raw materials in nature and inspiring by the colors of it, human beings must be close to the sense of belonging to nature temperamentally. For this reason, we have processed durable materials such as stones, woody plants, fossils and rocks, which the world has offered us throughout history, into our living spaces. Especially natural stones and metamorphic rocks are very useful as a design element with their aesthetic structure, durability and cleanability.

As a decorative stone inspired by the majestic beauty of nature, Baltic Grey Marble has all the features that can be found in a marble with its color, thick white veins and splendor. Looking at it, it’s white veins and moires can give the impression of watching the waves of the Baltic Sea bubbling as they hit steep rocks. At the same time, this type of marble, which is reminiscent of the rocky shores of the Baltic islands, has an absolutely natural texture and reflects this with all its sparkle

The Place of Baltic Gray in Buildings

Baltic Grey Marble is a highly preferred selection among grey marble types that have become very popular with the widespread use of minimalism in recent years. Since it is between smoky grey and storm blue color tones, it gives an authentic aura and mysticism to the spaces. Baltic Grey, which has adorned many large and narrow scale projects in different countries, is antibacterial thanks to its homogeneous structure and the minerals it contains.

In this way, it is resistant to water, hot and cold weather conditions. It has a complex but not eye-straining pattern texture. In this way, it makes it easier to be in favor of simplicity in furniture and accessories by providing the necessary movement. Although it is not in a warm color, it gives a comfortable and relaxing coldness to the places it is applied.

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Baltic Grey which is a timeless piece, is suitable for many years of use in interior and exterior designs. Thanks to its bright and sparkling appearance and its smooth finishing surface, it can be used safely in both wide and narrow scale places with aesthetic concern. Baltic Grey Marble stands out among the grey marbles that are used as an alternative to white marble types, which are the symbol of simplicity in recent years. For this reason, it has been widely used especially in official buildings, hotels, hospitals, receptions, waiting rooms, corridor and garden designs.

Surface Treatment in Baltic Grey Marble

One of the recommended using areas of Baltic Grey Marble is areas that require hygiene and are not exposed to direct sunlight. As an example, we can give social areas, interior spaces, pools, bathrooms, kitchens and baths where human traffic is intense and therefore has the potential to get dirty quickly. In the areas mentioned, it can be applied both as floor and wall cladding, as well as as countertops, pools, fountains, handrails, steps, panels etc.

In addition, it is a stone that is admirably used in decorative objects, lampshades, sculptures, tables, coffee tables and artistic designs, as well as giving impressive results in various interior wall and floor cladding applications. You can make this natural stone, which is suitable for various applications, more and more suitable for places with different textures by using it with different finish surfaces such as polished, honed, brushed, bush hammered, tumbled, sanded, sand blasted, and experience the grey marble privilege by using it with a great pleasure in your interior and exterior designs.

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