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The birth of passion. The birth of eternity. Taja Marble was established in the early 2015 after 40 years experience in family business.

Taja Marble was born. A company then, at present has become one of the most respected brand in the country. Thanks to its commitment to ideals that put customers before profits, credibility before business and a truly motivated team.

İletişim Adreslerimiz

Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:00 Camikebir Mah. Atatürk Cad.No:7 Kat:2 Daire:211 Seferihisar / İzmir - Turkey +90 850 304 40 42 +90 501 207 93 03 ( Whatsapp )


Turkish Marble



The Way of How We Produce Quality and Unique Marbles

The journey of a marble has various stages from the first time it is quarried to the time of its usage both in architectural, constructional and design projects. Quarry, transportation, quality, processes, packaging, shipping, and after-sale services can be listed as the general stages of the marble journey. As Taja Marble, who quarries the best marbles and export them to world, we show ultimate attention to provide effective services to our customers by considering every stage of a marble as the most important work that doesn’t accept any fault.



The outcome of producing marble can’t be limited just a physical marble. It has to consist design concerns and artistic touches. Because producing the best marble is the art itself. Without our perspective and reflection of our thoughts on marble, it can’t go beyond of being a physical object. Working in the sector for 40 years, we are aware of the junction point in which the art and marble meet. That’s why we handle the production professionally from the time that marble quarried to the time where it is being used by end-users. 

First step of the marble journey starts with its quarries. Marbles are quarried from the unique resources where wealthy elements are the main components of the nature. As an experienced company, we prioritize to choose the best quarries to extract quality, shiny, eye-catching marbles. After the quarries, they are carried to our marble production facilities where we conduct quality control and start processing.



When quality control and processes stages completed, the marbles are categorized according to their types, colors, and shapes. Upon the customer demands, they are prepared for the shipment with special packaging methods covering the whole marble and protect its surface as preventive measure for possible scratches. They’re delivered right on time to our customers and after-sale processes are carried out with the perspective of meeting customer satisfaction. Due to the transparency policy of Taja Marble on before sale stage, demands of customers are fully provided without any difficulties. Although we conduct full transparency on before and after sale stages, we are always ready to solve our customers’ possible complaints and fix the problems. By choosing Taja Marble, you buy more than a marble. Unique and quality marbles are just a click away.