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The birth of passion. The birth of eternity. Taja Marble was established in the early 2015 after 40 years experience in family business.

Taja Marble was born. A company then, at present has become one of the most respected brand in the country. Thanks to its commitment to ideals that put customers before profits, credibility before business and a truly motivated team.

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Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:00 Camikebir Mah. Atatürk Cad.No:7 Kat:2 Daire:211 Seferihisar / İzmir - Turkey +90 850 304 40 42 +90 501 207 93 03 ( Whatsapp )


Turkish Grey Marble


Turkish Grey Marble

Since ancient times, gray marble has been an indispensable building element, and people have built large structures using grey marble. Before the discovery of concrete, grey marble which is the building block of Roman theaters, ancient cities and living spaces, was the spirit of the buildings. As a matter of fact, gray marble, which is a very stylish alternative to white marble, which is one of the most popular marble types in the world, is once again very popular today among designers, interior architectures and those who shape decoration trends. With its flexibility, homogeneous structure, antibacterial feature, durability and color / pattern palettes, grey marble tiles are one of the indispensable elements of interior and exterior architectural designs. Especially having a variety suitable for every texture, color and structure makes gray marble usable in any project alone.

Selections such as Baltic Gray Marble, Pan Gray Marble, Cloudy Gray Marble, Salmon Gray Marble and Tundra Gray Marble, which the designers have competed to use in their projects, have brought a new breath to design trends by breaking down the “sad, boring grey” perception that came to mind. Bringing the harsh waves of the Baltic Sea to your places and design projects, Baltic Gray adds a passionate look to interior and exterior projects with a dramatic, simple and modern touch. Baltic Gray Marble tiles take personalized tastes to the next level, especially when used as floor and wall claddings of bathrooms, hotels, livingrooms etc.

Turkish Grey Marble Collection

Salmon Gray Marble and Pan Gray Marble on the other hand are characteristic marbles that appeals more likely to refined tastes and undoubtedly have strong lines. Pan Gray and Salmon Gray, which are the focus of attention of users who make searches such as Buy Australia gray marble, US gray marble selections, are generally used as support stones, but they can also reveal exquisite looks that appeals to the eye when used alone in applications such as floor and wall claddings, American kitchen tables, coffee tables and countertops.

It is very difficult to choose between white marble selections, which have a wide range of uses in indoor and outdoor places, decorative objects and artistic works. Marmara White and Marmara Panda White Marble, which have linear lines, can be preferred in floor claddings, especially since they show places wider than it normally is. Mugla White Marble also has a thick veined, smoky texture and is a marble that appeals to refined tastes like Marmara White. Suitable for floor and countertops, baths, shower cabin applications, Mugla White can also be used as a support stone next to the main stone in different projects with its dense patterns.

Turkish Grey Marble Usage Areas

Gray marble tiles, which are used as countertops and tables in kitchens, sinks, pools and bathtubs in bathrooms, are applied as floor and wall claddings in areas with intense human traffic. In addition, gray marble with its artistic appearance is used in the production of small decorative objects such as candle holders, coffee tables, panels, flowerpots and sculptures. Gray marble tiles, which are used in exterior wall claddings as well as interior wall and floor applications, maintain their eye-catching appearance for many years when used correctly and in the right place. And what else can be done with gray marble is only up to the imagination of creative designers and architects.

Cloudy Gray Marble and Tundra Gray Marble are the subject of searches such as USA elegant marble selections”, “Bahrain gray marble tiles and are widely preferred in these regions. These marbles, which can be used as alternatives to each other, are selections with gray veins and cloudy-moire patterns on a white background. They have a classic look compared to others, but they are very elegant natural stones that drive forward the interior and exterior places where simplicity stands out. These marbles, which are generally used alone, can be in great harmony with design elements in different textures and structures.