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Welcome to Taja Marble's Perfectionist Production Process

First step of the marble journey starts with its quarries. Marbles are quarried from the unique resources where wealthy elements are the main components of the nature.

Block Selected
Slab Production
Packing & Shipping  

The journey of a marble has various stages from the first time it is quarried to the time of its usage both in architectural, constructional and design projects. Quarry, transportation, quality, processes, packaging, shipping, and after-sale services can be listed as the general stages of the marble journey.

The Way of How We Produce Quality and Unique Marbles

The outcome of producing marble can’t be limited just a physical marble. It has to consist design concerns and artistic touches. Because producing the best marble is the art itself. Without our perspective and reflection of our thoughts on marble, it can’t go beyond of being a physical object. Working in the sector for 40 years, we are aware of the junction point in which the art and marble meet. That’s why we handle the production professionally from the time that marble quarried to the time where it is being used by end-users.

As Taja Marble, who quarries the best marbles and export them to world, we show ultimate attention to provide effective services to our customers by considering every stage of a marble as the most important work that doesn’t accept any fault.

Flawless in Slab Production

We choose best blocks for your projects. Regarding on your Project, the right colour, texture is chosen while checking the pysical structure of the block when chosen in the quarry. After transferring the right block to the facility before cutting into slabs and for the surface treatments, the last checks are done and decision is made about how the best result can be taken. Epoxy can be coated on the back side of the slab at the end of the cutting if it is necessary.

On each step of the process we share the informations of the processing stone with our clients to get the best results upon their demands. By high resolution photos and videos taken during the processes we keep our clients close to the production line as much as possible. By giving all the details and adding our comments, we also try to lead them for the flawless results.

At the end of the surface treatment we check them detaily slab by slab both for physical and for the finishing.After the production we send all the datas and lot numbers of the processed Stones to our clients to make the final check before the shipment.

In order to make the sustainability possible for the wholeseller customers, we keep stocks and make a continous production of most demanded natural stone series.The marble slabs are being shipped, a series of wooden bundles will be prepared in order to introduce them into containers and keep them in safe.


Welcome to Taja Marble's Perfectionist Production Process

As an experienced company, we prioritize to choose the best quarries to extract quality, shiny, eye-catching marbles. After the quarries, they are carried to our marble production facilities where we conduct quality control and start processing. When quality control and processes stages completed, the marbles are categorized according to their types, colors, and shapes. Upon the customer demands, they are prepared for the shipment with special packaging methods covering the whole marble and protect its surface as preventive measure for possible scratches. They’re delivered right on time to our customers and after-sale processes are carried out with the perspective of meeting customer satisfaction.,

 Due to the transparency policy of Taja Marble on before sale stage, demands of customers are fully provided without any difficulties. Although we conduct full transparency on before and after sale stages, we are always ready to solve our customers’ possible complaints and fix the problems. By choosing Taja Marble, you buy more than a marble. Unique and quality marbles are just a click away.

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Special Solutions for Your Project with Dry-Lay Service

In order to provide you the best solution we enhance your natural stone experience by providing customized controls upon your needs.

By our Dry-Lay service, you will be able to see the finished materials asif they are installed within your Project.

After the quality check for selection both visual and physical, the photos of the selected Stones are taken and sent to the Project owners to get the necessary approval.

Following the approval, the Stones are checked again and numbered according to the Project reference and/or grouped according to the selection.

Last notes are taken on the layout and move on to the next stage and Stones are prepared for dispatch.

Customised Solutions For Your Projects.

With 40 years of experience, Taja Marble is leading specialists in Stonework, offering a complete service from consultancy to procurement and installation. We manufacture and install natural stone products, sourced from locations around the world for use in small bespoke projects to high-end property developments. With worldwide suppliers and strong relationships with quarry owners, we can manage your project from consultation to installation.

Taja Marble brings together 2 exceptional commodities, Taja Stone Consultants and Taja Marble Export. Taja Stone Consultants and Taja Marble Export offers 40 years of expertise in consultation; advising and assisting in the selection of stone, ensuring it is fit for purpose, to cost analysis, procurement, management and quality control. Taja Marble Export provide a full package from consultation, supply, fabrication and exportation of all stone products.

Our vast experience and long-lasting relationships with our clients has contributed to our growth and success and enabled us to establish ourselves as a leading name in the Natural Stone industry.

Packing & Loading and Shipping Solutions

To ensure  the structural and aesthetic integrity of marble tiles until it reaches the buyer, Taja Marble takes all necessary care during  the final steps  of marble inspection, packaging and loading.

While  marble inspection need an eye for details, its packaging requires an utter sense of safety and marble loading demands skillful handling.

Finished cut to size Stones are placed into strong wooden crates. Sheets of Styrofoam is placed between every single piece of sized material to provide the necessary buffering to protect the material against shocks or jerks during loading/unloading and transportation.

Strong wrapping bands are also put around crates to keep everything in place. Another polythene sheets are placed to provide lamination agains water.

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